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Works at a cellular level:
Your DNA will have no match this time,
our formula lightens by the cells PERMANENTLY for brighter eyes! 
Purest, highest quality ingredients:
Only 100% pure plant-based ingredients will go into our formula.
Proven to work by science, and tested for quality by each batch.
Natural agents:
This treatment is a all natural lightening process
making it safe for the eyes and body.
Save money:
Our competitors will sell the same 2 Oz. bottle for $1,200 per bottle
for similar ingredients,
except ours has even more lightening agents!
Ancient Egyptian remedy:
Alpha-Arbutin and Honey was used in Ancient Egyptian times
to lighten their eyes! Another world wonder!
Plant-based everything:
Everything here can be grown from the earth itself,
the best medicinal remedies come from mother nature!
Save yourself from risky surgery:
Surgery is risky business, you could pay thousands of dollars
for this procedure and put your eyes in danger,
even giving you unnatural looking results!
Being friends with your ecosystem:
We used only bio-friendly methods and plastics here at Sun Beetle.
Improve & Restore Vision Health:
Facts are facts, we have the goods!
These drops are like having superfoods for your eyes!
You will feel your eyes rejuvenate
within days of use, we hear it every time.
You decide what color you want:
When you see that perfect shade and try it on for size,
you'll know when to stop using our eye drops.
Its 100% Permanent & will lighten through the whole color spectrum!
Grow those lashes:
MSM will have your lashes both longer and thicker in no time!
Keep your eyes cool & inflammation free:
The word is these benefits are no joke,
keep your eyes cool, calm, and clear!
Get results in little time:
We are hands-down, one of the
fastest eye lightening solutions!
Love your eyes:
Everyone deserves to love their own eyes!
Even if it's lighter eyes,
creation gave us plants to do that with!
Works like magic:
You won't believe your own eyes after this!
See the world with a new pair of eyes!
Show your happy face Now:
Eyes are windows to our emotions,
lighter eyes will show a clearer picture of how you feel,
from eyes to eyes. Share your results with them! 
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