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Q: When will I see results?

A: It's all a process to reduce the melanin from darkly pigmented eyes. It all depends on what color and shade you decide to land on. For example: going from brown to hazel can take approximately 4 - 6 months if you are using the drops 2 - 3 times a day, sometimes longer or shorter on how often the eye drops are used! Make sure you apply the MSM on time to do its job to let the whitening agents pass through to the iris...

Q: How does Sun Beetle's eye drops work?

A: We have both ingredients that stop melanin production and reduce melanin, giving you a lighter and different eye color! Melanin is what causes dark pigmentation such as brown and blacks tones in the first place. Lighter eyes such as blue, have very minimal melanin produced. Our formula with MARINE PLANKTON, Lutein, Raspberry Ketones, and Pomegranate, are the agents that actually reduce melanin. The others agents stop melanin production revealing a lighter, brighter color! Just stop at any color you desire! 

Q: Is there any way I could possibly get FASTER RESULTS?

A: NEW: You better believe it! Our new formula allows you to now use the drops up to every three hours, talk about speedy results!

Q: Is this a permanent eye color change?
A: Yes it is, melanin will not come back once it is decreased, it will stay that color forever!

Q: Will this work on all eyes?
A: Yes, even on black and brown tones!

Q: How long does it take to have hazel eyes from brown as a base color?
A: Just around 4 to 6 months in time...

Q: How long will it take from brown to green?
A: Approximately 9 - 13 months.

Q: How long will it take from brown to blue?
A: Approximately 2 years depending or the range of blue. 

Q: How long will it take from dark brown to brown?
A: Only 2 to 3 months!

Q: What about brown to amber?
A: 2 months depending on the shade of amber you prefer.

Q: How can I make sure I'm getting faster results?
A: There are supplements such as Lutein and Vitamin A to help. Also eat foods such as spinach, honey, onion, fish, olive oil, leafy greens, berry fruits, and citrus fruits; it will help speed up the process. Make sure you use the drops at 3 times a day, and are protecting your eyes from the sun, it will keep your eyes from producing extra unwanted melanin.

Q: What is the difference between you and other competitors? 
A: We are the only company using our certain formulation as an eye brightener in the market! We use only raw, uncut, and unwatered down solutions for our formula! All of our ingredients come straight from the best & widely known manufacturers only.

Q: How long does the bottle last?
A: Each ounce lasts about two months.

Q: Where do I store the bottle?
A: In a dark, cool place in your refrigerator.

Q: What are the stages my eye color will go through?
A: Brown, amber, hazel, green, blue, gray, and violet; including every shade in between! Also you may get multi-color tones in the eyes if one color lifts before the other (usually around the outer ring of the iris). ​

Q: When does the bottle expire?
A: After 4 - 5 months around the time our product was delivered to you.

Q: Will it affect my vision?
A: No, it will only improve and enhance optical health. The MSM helps restore eye tissue while our Iris Colour's™ solution will increase and preserve vision health. We like to call it vitamins for the eye!

Q: Can I use contacts with the drops?
A: Yes! This is totally safe!

Q: Is it ok to wear glasses with the drops?
A: Of course, zero complications.

Q: Are these drops harsh?
A: They slightly can be to very sensitive eyes due to the nature of the ingredients, we use raw uncut ingredients that are not watered down. Even if you do have sensitive eyes, it is only harsh for a few seconds after application. After that your eye will be feeling more refreshed and hydrated than ever before! It is just another example of how natural these drops are... Please note that we added thing like honey, aloe vera, and chamomile to help soothe the eye, keeping you refreshed and vital at all times!
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