• STOPS melanin production
  • Tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Inhibits the enzymes that stimulate pigment-producing cells
  • Actually REDUCES PIGMENTATION with OPTI-LUTEIN, BRIGHTLETTE™, Pomegranate, & Raspberry Ketones
  • Restore eye health with MSM
  • Works in as little as 2 -3 weeks
  • Keeps lightening eyes until the color changes
  • 99.99% Permanent Because of the SUN'S UV

1 OZ. bottle of MSM drops and Iris Colour drops, enough for about 2 months of use from this size. Get lighter more vibrant colored eyes with little time and acquire quick results with our lightening line-up's top solution! Uses a proven combination of OPTI-LUTEIN, MSM, Alpha-Arbutin, Alpaflor Gigawhite, BRIGHLETTE, Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice Root, Coconut, Honey, Grape Seed, Mulberry, Aloe Vera, Curcumin, Red Seaweed Dulse, Cucumber Seed Oil, Pomegranate, Raspberry Ketones formula to stop and even REDUCE melanin production cell by cell until you achieve your desired color! These eye color changing drops has nature's best and top lightening agents at the very tip of your dropper, slowly watch your eye turn colors like hazel, green, and even blue!


1 OZ. Lutein Iris Colour Drops™- Eye Color Changing Drops

  • Use twice daily. Add MSM drops to soften eye tissue, then add the eye lightening drops to each eye...

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